Living Room

Use Considerations

If you’re shopping for furniture in Corpus Christi, your needs are probably casual and cool. You may have an open floor plan and need pieces that work with the flow of your home. However, your favorite activities will also have an impact on the furniture that works best.

For example, your Living Room Furniture setup may need to allow space for connection and entertainment. If your television is located in the living room, then you’ll want a comfy sofa with a spot to gather and watch a movie or a game.

You can easily turn your TV area into a conversation pit with a couple of swivel chairs. Go ahead and arrange your sofa so it’s easy to see the television, put in a coffee table that’s big enough for snacks and beverages, and set two swivel armchairs facing the sofa. On movie night, turn the armchairs to face the television.

Sectional Sofas

A sectional sofa is a deliciously comfortable tool that is a great piece for large families or those with adolescents. Teenagers need a lot of sleep, and they may choose to do it on the sofa. With a sectional, you can avoid territorial fuss.

If possible, don’t put your sectional sofa in the corner of the living room. These pieces are comfy, but they’re also large and very heavy. In the corner, they can weigh the whole room down. If you have the space, put one edge to the wall and place a console table or small bookcase along the other edge.

Place a rug inside the angle to define the space created by the sectional sofa and anchor it with an armchair. If your sectional is deep and plush, consider using a wingback armchair to add a bit of structure and height to the space

Floor Coverings

The trend in home design at the moment includes stacking rugs to create islands of function within large, open concept rooms. These floor coverings can include a variety of materials, including animal skins. Imagine walking barefoot over multiple carpets or on your way to your favorite chair with a good book. Yum!

Depending on your use goals for the space, carefully review the cleaning requirements for any rugs you plan to stack. One sugary soda, spilled on stacked rugs, can make for a nasty, sticky mess. If you use your living room for snacking and love to have treats on game day or movie night, consider using a washable fiber rug over hardwood to keep things simple.


Consider adding a couple of closed cabinet spaces in your living room. These can be under the television or at the bottom of a bookcase. In here, you can easily keep bins to hide game controllers and remotes.

Invest in plush storage ottomans for throws and pillows. If space is very tight, set a trunk or cedar chest under a window for children’s toys or out of season garments. A pretty wooden chest with a cushion can make a wonderful window seat for reading or relaxing.


Treat yourself to a glass display cabinet to show off your treasures. These cabinets often also have lights wired in, so you can create different lighting zones in the evening. Finally, they’ll keep the dust off your most precious pieces.

As possible, look for display cabinets in the same wood tones as your kitchen and bath cabinets. In an open concept house, or a house you hope to convert to open concept, striving for a material and wood tone match can create wonderful flow from room to room.


Everywhere there’s an armchair, try to have a side table. If you have a side table, try to have a light. If you don’t like the look of a standard lamp or aren’t in the market for reading lamps, consider adding a cube light to brighten the room and add some ambience.

Don’t worry about keeping everything evenly bathed in light. Go ahead and create pools of light in the space, especially if you choose to put the television and gaming console in another area of the house.

Decorative Pieces

Strive to use decorative pieces to add distance as you add visual interest. Small photos in a group of like frames will draw the viewer across the room to study them. You can make a small room feel bigger with a focal point that requires a longer look

When you’re ready for new furniture, Empire Furniture will have plenty of options. Bring your tape measure and be ready to sit, stretch out and test drive the terrific furniture options available in our store.