When it’s time for new bedroom furniture, it’s important to invest in products that will make you feel cozy and calm. Whether you like a plush pillow top or a flat memory foam, your furniture choices can help you fall into deep sleep more quickly and rest more fully.

The Bed

Of course, Bedroom Furniture will need to center around your mattress. Find the one that works best for you, then make your frame choice. For the best mattress choice, carefully consider your sleeping habits. If you tend to run hot when sleeping, a cooling memory foam mattress could be a good choice. If you’re always cold, a plush pillow top may be best.

Once you have a mattress, you’ll need a box spring and a frame. Experts recommend using a box spring even under a thick foam mattress to keep you comfortable and protect the quality of the foam. At this point, you need to decide how tall a bed you want. For those with small pets, a tall bed will require a staircase. Humans with shorter legs may not be crazy about a bed they have to scale. Empire Furniture can help you get an idea of the total bed height before it’s delivered.


Depending on the age of your house, you may have all the hanging space you need or require more room for hanging clothes. You may also have closets that offer enough space for a tall or narrow dresser. No matter your storage needs or space requirements, you can find the pieces you need for optimum storage at our furniture stores in Corpus Christi.

If you have the floorspace, consider going a bit old school and treating yourself to a chifforobe. These clever pieces include a narrow spot for hanging garments and drawers down the other side. When all closed up, they add an elegant touch to any room. These classic pieces also have spaces for small items, including jewelry, to help you stay organized.


A multi-drawer nightstand is a wonderful tool for storage, your clock and a lamp. When looking for nightstands, check out the mirrored finish designs that are adding a bit of glam to modern bedrooms. Not only do they bounce light around, but they’re harder to stub with a bare toe.

Depending on the age of your home and the size of your bed, finding the space for a nightstand can be challenging. If you don’t have room for a piece with a drawer, consider mounting a shelf either near or above the bed where you can keep your alarm clock and a covered box for private items.


If you have a dressing room or a walk-in closet, consider adding backless benches or a cushioned trunk in or near the space. Having somewhere to sit down and put on or remove shoes is a simple but very useful convenience. A cushioned trunk can also offer storage for extra sweaters or blankets. You can find these and more at out bedroom furniture stores. 

Decorative Items

 The bedroom is an ideal place for mirrors. Not only can you check your outfit once you’re dressed, but mirrors bounce light around the room during the day and go dark at night. If you struggle to sleep deeply, treat yourself to a mirrored candleholder. As you wind down at night, put your electronics away and light a votive in front of the mirror. Prep for bed in the semi-darkness and let your mind relax in the glow of natural light. Blow out the candle and sleep deeply.

Increased Purpose Tools

A Tiny Desk

With many of us working from home, finding a spot to place a desk and a chair can be a challenge. If you need to turn a corner of your bedroom into an office, consider a wall-mounted or a folding desk. These tools can actually take up very little space but offer you the chance to work in privacy no matter what is going on in the rest of the house. There are folding desks that include a shelf unit or piece of framed art built right into the support for the desk top.

Privacy Screen

Consider also adding a folding privacy screen to your bedroom. These screens can serve many purposes. They can be the tool you put behind your chair when you’re working from your bedroom office. They can hide a cozy armchair where a parent and a restless child can snuggle while the other adult sleeps. They can let a restless adult relax and read in the same armchair without disturbing anyone else.

Bedrooms are serving many purposes in today’s busy world. With a focus on specialized storage and comfort, you can arrange your new furniture in such a way that everything you need to accomplish can get done. Visit our Empire Furniture stores and plan your new space.